Each week, clients are responsible for putting in 25 hours of verifiable work activities. Tribal T ANF will require both parents to participate in the work activity to meet the minimum requirement. The work hours of both parents will be combined to meet the required minimum hours, but each parent must participate no less than 10 hours. If one parent in a 2-parent family is temporarily exempted from work activities, the other parent must fulfill the minimum requirements. A reasonable amount of travel time to and from work/training sites or other required activities outline in the client’s Individual Improvement Plan may be counted as time toward meeting required work activities. Generally, it shall not exceed one-hour credit each way. The following list of work activities is not exclusive.

  1. Subsidized Tribal employment
  2. Unsubsidized employment
  3. Subsidized private/public employment
  4. Participation in a NEW/WIAO activity
  5. Work experience
  6. On the job training
  7. Job search/job readiness and basic skill development as per 45 CFR 286.105 (b) and (c)
  8. Community services programs.
  9. Post-secondary education
  10. Vocational education/training
  11. Jobs skills training
  12. Education directly related to employment including verifiable study time. Study time can be given on an hour for hour basis depending on the TANF client’s credit load. This means that if a client is carrying 12 credits, the client can earn 12 work participation hours. Verifiable study time can include required lab hours or tutoring hours. All study time hours must be verifiable.
  13. Satisfactory attendance in secondary school or in a course of study leading to a certificate of general equivalence in the case of a recipient who has not completed secondary school or received such a certificate.
  14. The provision of childcare services to an individual who is participating in a community services program.
  15. Domestic violence, substance abuse or mental health counseling, education and/or rehabilitation.
  16. Entrepreneurship/small business development.
  17. Life skills training/education
  18. Culturally relevant work activities that will help lead to self-sufficiency.
  19. Participation in GED preparation/study
  20. Driver’s License Training for adult clients
  21. Other work activities